Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello, Yellow!

Easter is right around the corner, and summer is on its way. Thoughts of hot summer days making way to long summer nights have me seeing red, but when it comes to summer's insufferably-too-short season, one color says it all: YELLOW. From yellow-polka-dot bikinis, to a field of sunflowers, summer captures the essence of this color in so many forms! It is only obvious, then, that this color is making itself known on the racks and shelves of many design houses.

Yellow may be the color, but be picky when it comes to the hue. Don't wanna look like a big, bright banana? Want to avoid your boyfriend's "compliments" that your dress reminds him of Big Bird? Choosing the right shade of yellow this season could be the difference between making the lemonade of life, or making a lemon of a wardrobe!

Have no fear, my little luxies, for we have handpicked the finest goods in golden galore for you to feast your eyes and wallets on! Try this top by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. Mix it with this season's pastels and next season's darks for a bold statement!
Vince, one of our most flattering-for-all lines, came out with cozy sweaters and quirky sweatervests in a bright, lemon yellow that is sure to mix well with all the orange tribal prints happening right now. Throw it over your Rory Beca tie-dye dress for a bold, happy statement!

Channel Indiana Jones, and layer your juicy Vince sweatervest over a neutral jumpsuit. You'll be ready to explore just about any urban jungle! This season's jumpsuits are a little more glamour than jungle-ready, so don't be afraid to get in that fitting room and pull one on! We have styles in by 3.1 Philip Lim (seen below), Robert Rodriguez, and more to come!

The yellow factor doesn't end with apparel. This trend reaches far and wide, into the land of the accessory queen--Handbags! I, too, have indulged in this could-be-risky fashion craze by taking home my own lucious slice of lemon. Marc by Marc Jacobs sent us this adorably dubbed "Big Slice" clutch that made an almost immediate appearance in my wardrobe! Other vendors, such as the animal friendly Matt & Nat, are following suit with saffron bags. Matt & Nat's Zed Bag, a golden goddess created from recycled Japanese paper, is sure to excite even your most discerning of vegan friends!

The yellow buck doesn't stop there, folks. Still can't get enough of that sunshine? Give some to a friend in the form of a scent-illatingly sweet gift from Voluspa. Their Lemon Lily fragrance would brighten up even the darkest of cubicles! In products ranging from tiny to-go candles to fancy diffusers, there is the right price point for just about any occasion!

Get excited about this season! Summer is upon us, so what better reason to celebrate than to wear it on our sleeve? Literally!


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