Monday, July 6, 2009

The Secrets Are Out!

As modern women, we are faced with many expectations. Working full-time jobs, raising families, attending charity functions while staying up on our social lives, and having our own clever businesses on the side, we are expected to play many roles in life. As if that weren't enough, we need to look amazing while doing it! So we buy the all the anti-aging, anti-frizz, and anti-preservative products that we can find in order to stay looking young, fresh, and effortlessly beautiful. The beautification process becomes a job in and of itself! While I am not suggesting you abandon your complicated beauty regime, I am here to let you in on a few secrets that will have you shouting, "AMEN, sister!" in no time.

There are a few companies out there investing themselves in making women's beauty a snap! Meet Hollywood Fashion Tape, "the star's secret to preventing wardrobe malfunction." A concept born of two friend's career frustrations, Hollywood Fashion Tape has become a staple at most boutiques. It is a clear, hypoallergenic, double-stick tape that is safe for most fabrics and keeps those slippy bra-straps, loose hems, and gaping sweaters under control! Slip the mint-tin sized case into your purse to ward off any compromising fashion situations! They also make an incredible Sweater Saver that keeps all your cashmere cozies pill-free!

Another god-send company, PureStyle Girlfriends, believes that every woman should be able to look as glamorous as a Hollywood starlet! Why should only celebrities know the secrets that all women should know? The PureStyle products are at the same time ingenious and obvious (why didn't I think of that!). From nipple concealers to bra inserts, their products will literally pick you up in front, and help you stay together! My favorite is their Gather-the-girls Adhesive Strapless Shaping Bra. This bra was made for any woman over the age of 18 who wants to wear strapless and still look young and sexy! Another go-to product for those women in search of a surgery-free fix is the Pick-me-up Breast Lift-up Tape. Seeing is believing in this case. Go to their website and watch the demostration video of the Lift-up tape (contains partial nudity) to truly understand the wonder of this product!

Another fashion faux pas? Deoderant streaks. There is nothing I hate worse than finally choosing which outfit to wear, only to realize that in the process of donning my fabulous duds, I have left a trail of Secret in its wake. Solution? Gal Pals! These little pink cushions come in twos, and really couldn't be any cuter! They rub that deoderant right out of any fabric and have you red carpet ready at a moments notice! In a pinch, they can also remove any number of stains and snafoos from your dry-clean-onlies. Invest, ladies. Trust me.

We carry all of these products and more in our boutique. Stop by today with your most frustrating fashion woe and find the quick and pain-free solution. They may be the secret of celebrities, but who cares! Spread the word, tell your friends! Every woman deserves to be fashion faux pas free!

Have A Beautiful Day!


Friday, July 3, 2009

A Scent of Summer

We are all well aware that it is a million degrees outside in Austin this summer. With that kind of heat, a girl can't afford to smell like anything but sweet! Thank goodness for the luxurious lines of quality perfumes we carry in the boutique! Ever feel frustrated that you spritz yourself with your fave scent in the morning only to find no trace of it hours later? Well, throw that frustration to the breeze, my friends! Our fragrance lines will keep you smelling great all through the day and into those hot summer nights!

Bond No. 9, our most elegantly modern line of boutique fragrances, has it's sights set on summer with beach-inspired, New York-themed scents. Visit their website for the low-down on three of their scents--The Hamptons, Coney Island, and Fire Island. Personally, my summer pick would be The Hamptons if you like the intriguingly ambiguousness of a sexy coed scent as much as I do!

For a more earthy and bohemian-feel fragrance, soapmaker-genius, Mistral, has a collection of perfumes that are at once fancy and down to earth. Their newest scent,Gardenia Royal, evokes summer dew on the leaves of a Magnolia tree at daybreak. We also carry their deliciously mysterious Balinese Vanilla, and snappy-sweet Grapefruit Red Currant.

Don't feel it necessary to switch your scent if you have found something you love! Old standbys make the best background to the making of summer memories. We still carry an array of your favorites, from Oprah's pick, Kai (another magnolia-inspired scent!), to the candy-licking-goodness of Lollia fragrances (Wish is my favorite).

Come by and sample as many as you want until you find your signature summer scent!

Have a Beautiful Day!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Hey there all you Luxies, it's finally the weekend! That means trips to the lake, pool parties, and maybe even the beginning of a summer romance. But before you make your mark on this season, protect your skin and hair from damaging UV rays so that your beauty will be more than just a summer memory. Don't worry! Luxe has got you covered.

Award winning and well renowned are two words to describe one of our favorite skincare lines, Yonka. Their Ultra Protection Age-Free Solar Block clocks in at SPF 25, and is loaded with botanicals and fruit extracts. This cream provides safe tanning, even for those with hypersensitive skin! What I love about this product is that not only are you getting SPF, but Ultra Protection gives you age-fighting help by keeping your skin from dehydrating due to sun exposure. It also combats premature signs of aging which we all know the sun can bring on much earlier than desired. So be smart about your skincare and choose a product with the safety net you need to be able to enjoy long summer days and hot summer nights.

Kerastase wants to make sure that your hair and expensive color services are not washed away by damaging rays. Therefore, they've created the Micro-Voile Protecteur. A mist that's easy to spray on and well worth the investment, Micro-Voile has a UV filter that keeps the sun from fading your color. It even enhances shine while protecting your hair. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, water, or pool, this product is a must have for you. Don't let all the time, money, and effort you've put in your hair to go to waste! Just give your hair a quick spritz and you are good to go.

Want to protect your body from the sun, even when you're running or swimming? Try Jane Iredale's Powder-Me SPF 30. This dry sunscreen dusts onto your skin, and can last even if you're sweating or taking dips in the pool. And since Powder-Me SPF is from our friends at Jane Iredale, that also means the product is all natural and mineral based. Once you come in, make sure to check out our special 40% off on selected Jane Iredale cosmetic products!Yes my friends, you can have your cake and eat it too. Just make sure you take the proper steps to secure your skin and hair before basking in the rays of the hot Texas sun. Traveling to a more exotic location? These products are even small enough to pack in your carry-on for your destinations this summer. Remember that beauty is a daily commitment, but it doesn't have to be a daunting one. Here at Luxe, we'll help you find the products you need to protect your youth in every season!

Peace & Love-

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

See Your True Colors

I admit it. I am, and have been for years, a stubborn makeup disbeliever. It's not that I don't enjoy looking as though I just emerged from a soothing, botanical, spa-like, heavenly retreat, a glowing halo immenating from within my dewy complexion. It's not as though I don't wish my skin was as flawless as it was at eighteen. It's just that for years I could not find a makeup product that was easy to apply, good for your skin, and one that WORKED.

Well, makeup-naysayers unite. There is actually a mineral makeup that is beneficial to your skin AND easy to apply. Oh, and it looks amazing too.

Jane Iredale has been doing mineral makeup the right way for over ten years. Leave it to someone who worked in the entertainment industry with such giants as Susan Sarandon, Lauren Hutton, and Sarah Jessica to come up with the concept of a beneficial and effective makeup. Iredale's products are so great, even people with almost any allergy are able to wear them. The foundations won't clog your pores (your skin will thank you!), they contain protection against UVA/UVB's and have up to SPF 30 (your skin will thank you!), and they contain no talc or parabens (your skin will thank you!!). For a complete list of ingredients, visit the Jane website.

I know, I know. A picture's worth a thousand words. You won't believe it 'til you see it, right? You are in luck! Our makeup artist, Wendy K., created this demonstration to show the powerful, natural, coverage of Jane Iredale cosmetics. Our model, Kristen, is shown before without makeup and after a full-face application of Jane.

The photos speak for themselves, ladies. I cannot tell you how many people notice my "complexion" when I am wearing Jane, versus another line. It really is amazing! And what they don't know about my complexion, won't hurt them! If you are interested in giving Jane a whirl, come by the store and we will color match you any day of the week! If you want to get Kristen's look, Wendy K. would be happy to set up an appointment with you!

Let us know when you are ready to see your "true" colors shining!