Monday, July 6, 2009

The Secrets Are Out!

As modern women, we are faced with many expectations. Working full-time jobs, raising families, attending charity functions while staying up on our social lives, and having our own clever businesses on the side, we are expected to play many roles in life. As if that weren't enough, we need to look amazing while doing it! So we buy the all the anti-aging, anti-frizz, and anti-preservative products that we can find in order to stay looking young, fresh, and effortlessly beautiful. The beautification process becomes a job in and of itself! While I am not suggesting you abandon your complicated beauty regime, I am here to let you in on a few secrets that will have you shouting, "AMEN, sister!" in no time.

There are a few companies out there investing themselves in making women's beauty a snap! Meet Hollywood Fashion Tape, "the star's secret to preventing wardrobe malfunction." A concept born of two friend's career frustrations, Hollywood Fashion Tape has become a staple at most boutiques. It is a clear, hypoallergenic, double-stick tape that is safe for most fabrics and keeps those slippy bra-straps, loose hems, and gaping sweaters under control! Slip the mint-tin sized case into your purse to ward off any compromising fashion situations! They also make an incredible Sweater Saver that keeps all your cashmere cozies pill-free!

Another god-send company, PureStyle Girlfriends, believes that every woman should be able to look as glamorous as a Hollywood starlet! Why should only celebrities know the secrets that all women should know? The PureStyle products are at the same time ingenious and obvious (why didn't I think of that!). From nipple concealers to bra inserts, their products will literally pick you up in front, and help you stay together! My favorite is their Gather-the-girls Adhesive Strapless Shaping Bra. This bra was made for any woman over the age of 18 who wants to wear strapless and still look young and sexy! Another go-to product for those women in search of a surgery-free fix is the Pick-me-up Breast Lift-up Tape. Seeing is believing in this case. Go to their website and watch the demostration video of the Lift-up tape (contains partial nudity) to truly understand the wonder of this product!

Another fashion faux pas? Deoderant streaks. There is nothing I hate worse than finally choosing which outfit to wear, only to realize that in the process of donning my fabulous duds, I have left a trail of Secret in its wake. Solution? Gal Pals! These little pink cushions come in twos, and really couldn't be any cuter! They rub that deoderant right out of any fabric and have you red carpet ready at a moments notice! In a pinch, they can also remove any number of stains and snafoos from your dry-clean-onlies. Invest, ladies. Trust me.

We carry all of these products and more in our boutique. Stop by today with your most frustrating fashion woe and find the quick and pain-free solution. They may be the secret of celebrities, but who cares! Spread the word, tell your friends! Every woman deserves to be fashion faux pas free!

Have A Beautiful Day!


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