Friday, July 3, 2009

A Scent of Summer

We are all well aware that it is a million degrees outside in Austin this summer. With that kind of heat, a girl can't afford to smell like anything but sweet! Thank goodness for the luxurious lines of quality perfumes we carry in the boutique! Ever feel frustrated that you spritz yourself with your fave scent in the morning only to find no trace of it hours later? Well, throw that frustration to the breeze, my friends! Our fragrance lines will keep you smelling great all through the day and into those hot summer nights!

Bond No. 9, our most elegantly modern line of boutique fragrances, has it's sights set on summer with beach-inspired, New York-themed scents. Visit their website for the low-down on three of their scents--The Hamptons, Coney Island, and Fire Island. Personally, my summer pick would be The Hamptons if you like the intriguingly ambiguousness of a sexy coed scent as much as I do!

For a more earthy and bohemian-feel fragrance, soapmaker-genius, Mistral, has a collection of perfumes that are at once fancy and down to earth. Their newest scent,Gardenia Royal, evokes summer dew on the leaves of a Magnolia tree at daybreak. We also carry their deliciously mysterious Balinese Vanilla, and snappy-sweet Grapefruit Red Currant.

Don't feel it necessary to switch your scent if you have found something you love! Old standbys make the best background to the making of summer memories. We still carry an array of your favorites, from Oprah's pick, Kai (another magnolia-inspired scent!), to the candy-licking-goodness of Lollia fragrances (Wish is my favorite).

Come by and sample as many as you want until you find your signature summer scent!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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