Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pick of the Day

Sometimes an at-home manicure is all I have time for (although when time is no issue I'll pamper myself and just book a manicure or pedicure right here at luxe's spa.)

My cuticles have always been a little dry and flaky when I've done my own nails. But cutting your cuticles to get that professional look is never the answer, girls. Not only will it hurt, but it will only look worse in a matter of days and can even cause infections!

So I thought I'd try the cuticle remover from the lippmann collection. It looks like a nail polish, but inside is a miniature dropper. Two drops of this stuff and a cuticle pusher later, my nails looked just as good as if I had paid to get them done!

Vogue magazine also fell in love with this product and wrote about it in their 2009 beauty guide...

(p.s. it costs a little less at luxe!)

 - Morgan

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